Greg Streak is an interdisciplinary practitioner working in sculpture, video, installation and documentary filmmaking. His cool aesthetic, even minimalist work is characterized by formalistic concerns and a preoccupation with the materiality of substance and things, but also space, both physical and psychological.


Streak has a sharply critical and eclectic eye. His more recent work is characterized by his ability to transform mundane materials into simple, yet complex objects that give new value and meaning to their intersection. These constructions usually carry subtle political overtones, and reinforce Streaks preoccupation with his sense of displacement. The titles of the work are critical in Streaks case; they give meaning to much of what would otherwise be obsessive abstraction:


“I am interested in the imperceptible space between a title and the accompanying work and how the work is transformed by the title and the title by the work. At best the works are supposed to hover in abstraction, multiple truths and fantasy and then the title acts as this cruel spike that pegs it to the ground, even if in an ambiguous way.”

Where most tend to specialize in search of a formula, Streaks’ work is characterized by an almost Naumanesque boastfulness – he is able to control almost any medium he turns to.

“Where some of his object-based work refers directly to retraction and isolation in ways that sublimate the ‘human’ almost completely, some of Streak’s earlier video work explores these psychological interstices in an embodied way: they are figurative studies which retain elements of human identification and in this, imply the possibility of transformation.”


He is the founder member and coordinator of PULSE – an artists run initiative linked to the RAIN Artists’ Initiatives Network. Under the umbrella of PULSE, he has organised numerous international projects including the critically acclaimed Hiv(e) project (2004). His first full feature documentary film Beauty and the Beasts won a Special Mention Jury Award at the 2006 Durban International Film Festival. He is a full-time lecturer at the Durban University of Technology and is currently doing his PhD.


Streak lives and works out of Durban, South Africa